Magico Appartamenti Scafa

Discovering Sicily with a…Sicilian!

Discovering Sicily is wonderful, but discovering it with a Sicilian is much more!

There is nothing better than knowing a land directly with its inhabitant that will give you all the information necessary to understand a country.

“Magico Residence Scafa”, thanks to customized guide service, gives you a chance to know very well Italian and Sicilian culture.

You just have to say where do you want to go, or what type of tour do you want to do, and you will have a custom tailored tour, perfect for your needs.

Mauro, a licensed tour leader, will guide you to the discovery of this beautiful region.

Furthermore, if you do not want to drive, you can ask for a private driver that will make your excursion more relaxing (no parking problem, no waste of time…)

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