Magico Appartamenti Scafa

Aeolian Islands

Named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Aeolian Islands are a volcano archipelago just in front of Magico Residence Scafa, just a few hours away by boat.

Aeolian Islands are made of seven islands and among them there are two active volcanoes: Stromboli and Vulcano.

A trip in the Aeolian archipelago does not mean doing just a pleasure trip in order to enjoy the beauty offered by the sea.

Thanks to the testimony of past ages, it is so easy to get carried in a location where you have a mountain of all the beauty of the ancient times that represents a significant piece of the Mediterranean history.

Enchanting places where you can satisfy all your senses, from your sight, your sense of smell and taste for sure will be delighted by the meals of the Mediterranean and Aeolian table.

In June 2017 Capo d’Orlando’s leasure port will be ready, so next summer it will be possible to go to the Aeolian Islands directly from Capo d’Orlando. The port is just 2 min from the Residence. Before June it is possible to go to the Islands thanks to the tours organized by local travel agencies, leaving from Milazzo or Patti. Anyway we will help you to find the best solution!

Knowing the Islands…


It is the largest island of the Aeolian archipelago with a high percentage of services and facilities. That’s the island representing, from the tourist point of view, a good compromise concerning comfort, entertainment and natural beauty. Lipari is considered a cultural and artistic gem considering the whole history of the Aeolian Island has its epicenter exactly on this island.


Vulcano is the island that sends men back in ancient times, back in a period when it is possible to saisfy our need of being fully part of nature in a place where you can satisfy your psycho-physical well-being needs.

The volcano dominates the island, it controls the island like an old guardian, heir of the mythological charm conferred by the Greeks and Romans, and that’s why this island is also called “hot land” (Terasia).

The summit can be reached by foot by lovers of trekking and wild nature, effort is the only price to pay, and what kind of effort can be considered to be a hard one if compared with the splendid offered views?!

The natural warmth, due to the presence of sulphurous waters and to the God Apollo who kisses and masters the beloved south, makes the island of Volcano famous thanks to its spa and its black sand beaches.


An untoched sea, some surreal silences fascinating sunsets that seem to melt with the sea, all the colors, the scents and flavors give the island the perfect place for a relaxing journey. From the Sicilian coast, Salina easily identifies itself with the profile of the two mountains shaping it all. Its particular identity gives this place some peculiar characteristics which link this island more to its territory than to its waters. You can easily see that in the way people of Salina cultivate their lands areas taken up by vineyards of malvasia, capers bushes, fruits and citrus trees and gardens so full of flowers.


The island of Stromboli is made up some very high cliffs broken by small sandy and very black beaches alternating with coves and caves. Stromboli is an extraordinary volcano overlooking the sea, and with its geysers gives you a fascinating and unique show that reaches its peak in the night with the explosions and the throw of lapilli in a densely starry sky as a backdrop.

How can we forget about Ginostra? This is a small village in the south-eastern shore of the island accessible only by boat having just no more than forty residents, during the winter.


Panarea is one of the most popular international destinations concerning tourism. This natural jewel has enchanted lots of artists, writers, designers and musicians. Panarea is a perfect mixture of history, art, culture and social life. This charming island will charm you with its natural and cultural delicy.



A solo island, untouched and timeless. Alicudi takes man back to the original harmony with nature and all the main things of life. All around the island, in fact, there are no cars or well-paved roads: there is just the ancient beauty of the walking to go just on some rustic trails, on some streets connected by a long staircase or to go on donkeys, which facilitate those very difficult paths and which represent the only forms of transport.


If you walk the streets of the island you can experience a very ancient history, and it is possible to see what all the ancient populations did before us as well as where did they go, and all this makes the area an unrivaled beauty place. This is the ideal place for people who love culture and natural beauty. The flora and fauna are unspoiled and the beautiful beaches of Capo Graziano are the ideal setting for a vacation that will enhance all your senses.